A Revolution in Risk

Analyze Re has advanced reinsurance technology to unlock new ways of risk pricing and optimization.

Liberate Your Data

A Revolution in power.

Extend your analytical capabilities.

Use the Analyze Re risk engineering framework to release the hidden potential in your systems and data.

Give yourselves a boost.

Our high performance computing platform delivers responsive risk based analytics in the blink of an eye.

Combine Analyze Re technology with your internal systems to add speed and scale without needing to rebuild from the ground up.

Bring new levels of efficiency to the underwriting process.

Let your underwriters, portfolio managers and risk managers get the job done faster.

And with no need to replace core infrastructure or expand technical teams, our solution is a smooth sailing integration into your current workflow.

Built from years of industry experience.

We have packaged our combined expertise in building reinsurance pricing and optimization systems into a solution that complements the way you currently work.

Leverage Analyze Re technology to win your war on deep data analysis.

Acquire Pricing Intelligence

A Revolution in flexibility.

Gain new risk insight and quote on deals with more confidence.

Analyze Re provides a real-time marginal pricing framework which incorporates a holistic view of risk into your pricing strategy.

Add risk insight.

Perform responsive what-if scenario analysis on your key accounts and gain understanding of more complex contracts.

When you take advantage of Analyze Re’s marginal pricing framework you benefit from our fast, high resolution analytics all running within your own systems.

Do-it-yourself adaptable pricing.

Our Excel integration also lets you quickly develop fully functioning applications linked to our large volume data analytics.

Build working blueprints for new pricing methodologies without the wait, then use these to augment your existing pricing systems.

Take control of the pricing model.

Our state of the art high-performance simulation engine lets you understand the marginal impact of new business against any portfolio, at any resolution, in real-time.

What’s more, you control the level of detail, customized to your own objectives. With Analyze Re flexibility is built in.

Optimize Your Strategy

A Revolution in choice.

Identify hidden opportunity.

Analyze Re optimization technology finds new direction for improved portfolio performance.

Create realistic scenarios for improved portfolio performance.

Tune the business plan and understand the drivers of risk and profit.

Use the Analyze Re optimization engine and seek out new opportunities to improve the bottom line. Tie these back to your pricing analytics to further enhance underwriting decision making capabilities.

Enhance your plan.

Easily capture your business objectives and use them to get realistic answers that help with the planning process.

Drill down to specific zones in real-time and see the impact of adding risk. Fine tune strategy even as you are writing business there.

Quickly respond to a changing market.

Rely on the optimizer to respond to market challenges as they arise and uncover strategies to deal with them.

Tough market conditions are a fact. They drive the need to know which way to steer the business. Use Analyze Re’s portfolio optimization platform and unlock a powerful new way to achieve this.

A Revolutionary Vision

Imagine making strategic decisions in real–time against your current portfolio. Imagine seeing several routes to fulfill your plan. That is the power of Analyze Re.

Built from years of industry experience, the performance and scalability of our technology is making the war on deep data analysis one you can win.

With no need to replace core infrastructure or expand technical teams. Our solution is a smooth sailing integration into your current workflow.

With limitless computing power put right into your existing tools, what will you do?

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Analyze Re has deep experience in developing portfolio risk management and pricing systems. Since 2006 we have had a passion for providing technical solutions to the reinsurance industry.

Our mission is to greatly enhance and streamline the way reinsurance risk is analyzed. To accomplish this we have developed a high performance analytical framework that can be used (or easily integrated) with your own platform. At its heart, our system provides pricing and portfolio optimization, thereby greatly enhancing the analytical capabilities of our customers. By using high performance computing and big data analysis, we enable better portfolio-based decision-making capability in real-time.

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